Large Cube Acrylic Tank

Large Cube Acrylic Aquarium Tank

Acrylic Large Aquarium tank for home, shop and public exhibition

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Acrylic Large Aquarium tank for home, shop and public exhibit. Grandview Acrylic making Cube large Fish tank for you. 


Grandview Acrylic manufacturing Acrylic aquarium tanks for Home, Shop and Public Exhitbit.

  • Strong Production Capacity: 15-20 days short production time, huge stock, large capacity.
  • QC: Examine the interior of each Acrylic Panel under light
  • Flat surface: Milling surface smooth on each panel 
  • Tempered: Remove internal stress Tempered in Oven each panel
  • 45 or 90 degrees Bonding: 100% Bonding No Bubble, the connector/gap non yellowing
  • Perfect surface Polishing: Workers polish all surfaces, including outer, inner and all corners
  • Aquatic & Coral if necessary: Aquascaping for saltwater and fresh water
  • SGS Test: Test tensile strength and vicat softening temperature for each production batch.

Why choose us?

30 Years Warranty

Outdoor anti-UV, the color change a little, non-yellowing or cloudy

105°C VST

Vicat Softening Temperature and Tensile strength Test each batch of Acrylic panels


All machined acrylic products is annealed to relieve stress

45 or 90 degrees Bonding

Superb bonding technology, so that the seams perfect

100% Purity MMA from Lucite

All new raw material MMA from Lucite factory local Shanghai

Lead Time in 7-10 Days

Strong Production Capacity, Huge stock, Fast delivery

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