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Swimming pool Acrylic for outdoor & indoor use

Acylic Panel Type:

  • Flat panel
  • L shape
  • Curved

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Product name Cast Acrylic Sheet
Thickness 40-50-60mm, 80-90-100mm, 120-150-200mm, max 1000mm
Size Custom cut or bond into any size, max 3 x 9 meter in stock
Materials 100% Purity Acrylic, Plexiglass, PMMA
Shape Flat, L-Shape, U-Shape, Curved, Cylinder
Warranty 20 years Quality Guarantee, No yellowing outside
VST 103℃ Vicat Softening Temperature
Certificate Pass CE, SVHC, US-CA65, CPSIA Test
Installation On-site Waterproof and Installation Guidance and Service




Feature 1 :A Grade Cast Acrylic Sheet, SGS conducts factory inspections on more than 20 properties of acrylic sheets


Compressive Modulus Deflection Temperature under Load Flexural Strength Izod Notched Impact
Mean Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Rockwell Hardness Shear Strength Tensile Modulus - Strain


Properties Values of Grandview Acrylic Sheet


Rockwell Hardness 112L ISO 2039-2:1999
Tensile Modulus 3150MPa EN ISO 527:2012
Tensile Strength 80.0MPa EN ISO 527:2012
Tensile Strain at Break 3.2% EN ISO 527-1:2012
Water Absorption 0.20% ISO 62:2008 Method 1
Total Luminous Transmittance 92.5% ISO 13468-1:1996
Vicat Softening Temperature 103℃ ISO 306:2013 Method B50
Light Ageing Test- UV Exposure Grey scale: 5 ISO 4892-3:2016 Cycle 1
Mean Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 72×10-6 K-1 ISO 11359-1:2014
Compressive Stress at Yield 129MPa EN ISO 604:2003
Flexural Strength 120MPa ISO 178:2013
Izod Notched Impact Strength 101J/m ASTM D256-10 Method A
Compressive Yield Strength 111MPa ASTM D695-15
Compressive Modulus 3450MPa ASTM D695-15
Shear Strength 59.7MPa  ASTM D732-17
Deflection Temperature under Load 100.2℃ ASTM D648-18 Method B
Modulus Elasticity 2810MPa ASTM D695-15


Feature 2 :Strong Production Capacity, Huge stock, Fast delivery. Lead time in 7-10 days for normal flat panels.

Acrylic Panel size & thickness in stock


L*W mm T mm L*W mm T mm L*W mm T mm L*W mm T mm
1300*2500 20-70 1650*3150 20-100 5000*1800 30-150 8200*3000 80-250
1350*2650 20-100 3200*2200 20-110 5500*2100 30-150 8700*3000 80-250
1450*2700 20-100 3500*1650 20-110 6200*3000 50-250 9150*3000 100-250
1600*2600 20-100 4250*2750 30-110 6700*3000 50-250 8100*3700 120-300



Feature 3: 3D Drawing and FEA Report



3D drawings intuitively express the structure and effect of acrylic sheets in the project before completion



Finite element analysis (FEA) Report showing predicted loading and deflections

Feature 4 : Installation Guide

Install by yourself, we have Installation Guide

We give full support for you of self-installation. Including the structure and size of the rabbet, pre-install inspection, waterproof, acrylic panel use attention and maintenance.



ShopDrawing for installation guide



Install by Grandview team, installation on site

Why choose us?

30 Years Warranty

Outdoor anti-UV, the color change a little, non-yellowing or cloudy

105°C VST

Vicat Softening Temperature and Tensile strength Test each batch of Acrylic panels


All machined acrylic products is annealed to relieve stress

45 or 90 degrees Bonding

Superb bonding technology, so that the seams perfect

100% Purity MMA from Lucite

All new raw material MMA from Lucite factory local Shanghai

Lead Time in 7-10 Days

Strong Production Capacity, Huge stock, Fast delivery

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