How to pick the perfect acrylic panel for your swimming pool

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Pools come in many sizes and shapes

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Pool window panel shapes

The majority of swimming pool windows are supported on either three sides (a length rebate plus two height rebates) or all four sides (two length plus two height rebates).

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window

  • • Great as end-panels, especially when facing a view.
  • • Popular choice on canal-side properties
  • • Ideal for cantilever pools.
  • • Three sides set rebate.
  • • Water level can sit below the top or select a “wet edge” for infinity pools.

Supported On 3-Sides “L-Shaped” Window

  • • Two panels chemically bonded at the corner at site or factory
  • • Also known as an “L-Shaped” window
  • • Three sides set rebate
  • • Water level can be lower than the top or choose “wet edge” for infinity pools

Supported On 3-Sides “U-Shaped” Window

  • • Three panels chemically bonded at two corners at site or factory
  • • Spectacular design for premium properties
  • • Three sides set rebate
  • • Water level can be lower than the top or choose “wet edge” for infinity pools

Supported On 4-Sides Window

  • • A popular option for windows to interior spaces such as adjacent lounge or entertainment areas
  • • Four sided rebate provide extra strength for very large panels.

“Edge-Panels” and “Floor Panels”

  • • Edge panels are simple shallow 3-sided panels with a great finishing touch
  • • Floor panels are ideal for cantilevered swimming pools, and can also be used to create underwater skylights for rooms and spaces below the pool

Curved (concave) panels

  • • Not all swimming pools are square or rectangular
  • • Acrylic can be shaped to into small or very large curved windows.
  • • 3 or 4 sides set rebate
  • • Options for 3 or 4-sided rebates.

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