Swimming Pool

A swimming pool fabricated by Grandview is durable and highly corrosion resistant. It will not fade, crack or peel. Taking into consideration that most of the swimming pools are installed outdoors, we use UV resistant materials. All these allow the waterproofing sealants to perform perfectly well for more than 10 years. Our dedication and commitment to producing sustainable swimming pools of the highest caliber has allowed us to be a part of many extraordinary custom swimming pool projects. Crystal clear ‘infinity edges’ are a recent addition to Grandview’s growing portfolio of bespoke swimming pool achievements as is pool floor glazing adding an entirely new and exciting view from the floor below.

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They can be employed in a variety of uses, including aquarium windows, underwater windows swimming pool windows, roofing and building construction, finishing

and furnishing, objects, noise barriers and in many other fields such as the food, energetic, scientific, military and medical ones.

Benefits of Using Acrylic Panels

  • Reparability – A pool with a standard glass panel cannot be repaired once scratched or further damaged. However, should you find yourself with a damaged or scratched acrylic panel, the panel can be repaired on-site without draining the entire pool.

  • Lightweight – Acrylic is a lightweight, yet durable material, at half the weight of tempered glass

  • Formability – Acrylic is easily formable to handle radius design

  • Unlimited panel size – When designing your acrylic glass panel, bonding technologies allow for unlimited panel size

  • Impact resistant – Acrylic glass is 17 times more resistant to impact than tempered glass

  • Safety – Design engineered to 11.2 safety factor

  • Clarity – Same clarity to glass 92% light transmission