Design & Engineering

*Grandview Custom Aquarium has been a longtime leader in the design and fabrication of custom acrylic aquariums and related products. We work closely with you following our proven 4-step process: 

  • Imagine. 

We start with your idea. We can build the impossible, so the first thing we’ll do is figure out a timeline and budget for completion of the project that works for you.

  •   Plan. 

Once the project is green-lighted, we work on the design.  Using our AutoCad capabilities.

  •   Create. 

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the various preliminary conceptual plans with you and your team, and prepare mock-ups of the chosen design.

  •   Improve.  

Through creative thinking and working closely with the project designers, we develop turnkey solutions to any potential roadblocks including budgetary limits, time constraints, installation or construction problems, and city ordinances.



  • In-depth design the details of acrylic element

  • Send us the project layout, and all requirements on the acrylic parts, weadjust the right structure to ensure long-term and stable use of the product.

  • We adjust the right size to facilitate the production, transportation and installation of acrylic.

  • According to board size, water depth and water pressure, we calculate acrylic thickness.