Team Grandview in Xiachuan Island

Jun 24, 2017

Grandview stuff had a happy journey in Xiachuan Island....

6000 square meters facility with in-house tooling center, CNC machines, plastics injection machines, SMT machines and oil spray & silk-screen workshop.Oopen-mind managing team, strong engineering team, motivated workers, aggressive sales team..with10more years OEM/ODM on car electronic field. Only show few pictures of them, see more, please kindly visit us at your convenience.


Production Equipmen and Facilities

We have about 5-8 mold machines and 10 more molding engineers, with high productivity and high efficiency on OEM/ODM projects.

With 5 or more lathes, we produce all metal parts in house, with high precision and quickly response to meet with your requirements.

With in-house SMT production lines, we can develop a new PCBA in just few days, this is the most competitive factor to make success on OEM/ODM projects, launch your OEM/ODM projects to us with no doubt sir.